Sunday, June 27, 2010


412 Walnut Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Located in the heart of downtown Huntington Beach, 25° is an ultra sleek upscale burger restaurant. On the window the restaurant advertises a full bar, Burgers and Wine. In case you are wondering why the name 25°, it is because that is the temperature difference between a medium rare and well done burger, clever. This restaurant was much different that the other burger places we had tried. First off this is a sit down restaurant that is a sophisticated yet relaxed environment. Everything from spiked sodas, spiked shakes, wine, specialty drinks, beers, various types of sandwiches, salads, snacks (bar food), the usual french fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, and a list of 4 burgers to choose from (one of them being a tuna burger), as well as an endless list of exotic ingredients, sauces, and cheese to put on a make your own burger. To just name a few they had jalapeno bacon, Portobello mushroom, fried egg, green chili, horseradish cream sauce, herb aioli sauce, and tarragon remoulade. Everything on this menu is a la carte. Not only do they have an endless menu, they serve an extensive breakfast menu as well! The burgers you can choose from are ground sirloin, turkey, and veggie.

Table Service:

  • We weren’t greeted by a hostess upon entering so we sat ourselves.
  • Our waitress came right over and she handed us menus cased in glass.
  • In fact she was very attentive to our table the whole time we were there. I feel that most waiters and waitresses may have brushed a table like us off because we weren’t ordering individual meals, however she treated us like we were her only table.

The Atmosphere:

  • The restaurant had plenty of tables and booths.
  • A bar located directly in the middle of the restaurant. There were flat screen TV’s located at the bar.
  • The lighting is fairly dim. There are street windows that allow more than enough light into the restaurant during the day.
  • The walls are red velvet and textured.
  • All the fixtures around the restaurant were chrome and black giving the restaurant a sexy feel to it.
  • Bathrooms were described as a vampire like lair, and the hand towels were hard to find (they are hidden under the mirror).

The Order Half onion rings/half sweet potato fries

Ground sirloin burger

  • American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, Thousand Island dressing, and lemon dill sauce.
  • We were asked what temperature we wanted
Veggie burger

  • Had mayonnaise
  • An order of half onion rings and half sweet potato fries.
  • Each burger was $9 and the extras ranged from $.50 to $1.00 more.

Food Stain

  • The half onion rings half sweet potato fries came out within 5 minutes.
  • They were right out of the fryer, piping hot.
The onion rings seemed to be battered with flour and spices, they were really light and crispy.

  • They were easy to pick up and a good size to eat.
The sweet potato fries were hand cut, very well seasoned and cooked well.

  • They must have cooked them in separate fryers, either way they were both equally as delicious as the other.
  • The half and half is $6 and we split this easily between us.
  • Within another 10 minutes we received our burgers.
  • They were wrapped up nice and tight and the burgers were huge.
The Sirloin Burger: Excellent

  • ½ an inch thick
  • Buns were both shiny and possibly basted with some butter.
  • Burger presented with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles on the side, fresh and obviously cut that day.
  • The sirloin burger was well seasoned and juicy inside.
  • There was no red or pink in the burger however it was not dry or burned by any means.
  • Burger was not greasy and tasted like top quality meat.
The Veggie Burger: Excellent

  • Patty was about 1/2”, twice the size of a normal veggie patty.
  • Full flavor and not dried out.
  • Exceeds the normal taste of a veggie patty.
  • Not made in house

When presented with the check we got another pleasant surprise. This restaurant offers a 50% discount off food if you come back and eat with them again! The only catch it a week is a Monday to a Monday, and since we were there on Saturday we only had until Monday to get back there. The value of what we got well exceeded what we paid. We would recommend this to people who want enjoy the comfort food of childhood with a twist on it. We can’t wait to go back and try one of those spiked milkshakes.

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  1. 6 American dollars for a burger? I hope that includes the holy water you will need to wash the sin off of you for paying so much for a burger. That fast food place down the street has burgers for $2.

    -Your loving Sito